Morgan Farnworth

Curriculum vitae

School of Public Affairs and Administration

University of Kansas

PUAD 834: Human Resource Management

University of Kansas (Overland Park, KS), 2019

PUAD 834 presents the context and practice of effective human resource management, with emphasis on the political, legal, historical, and ethical dimensions of public employment. This course considers the functions of workforce management, including: 1) planning of work and the allocation of labor to that work, 2) acquisition of employees and their competencies, knowledge, skills, and abilities, 3) development of employees to channel, improve and create new knowledge, skills, and abilities, and 4) maintaining the working relationship between employee and employer. Students will apply workforce management theories and techniques to contemporary organizational challenges and investigate the tensions inherent to balancing competing values (such as: responsiveness/neutrality and efficiency/equity) and meeting conflicting demands of organizational stakeholders and society.

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